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A specialist in the property sector since 1989, the GROUPE FOCH IMMOBILIER can help you with all your real estate requirements in Nice and the Côte d'Azur, offering a personalised service tailored to your needs: finding a property, putting it up for sale, renting it out, rental management and co-ownership management.

Our agency, which enjoys a prime location in the port district of Nice, is a member of several estate agency networks: through us, you have access to the full range of property professionals in Nice for your real estate project: the assurance of a quicker sale for our vendor clients and a wider choice of properties for our buyer clients.


How do a father and son become partners ?

Michel SZEPETOWSKI – the father : When my former partner announced his retirement, I informed Lucas, who had been practising in Paris for 10 years, and he immediately offered to buy the shares. Today, we are equal partners.
I'm nearing the end of my career while Lucas is still a long way from retirement (laughs). It's a totally asymmetrical partnership that requires a special approach : at the office, we avoid the father-son relationship, we are partners.

Lucas SZEPETOWSKI – the son : I always wanted to work in Nice, but I didn't want to start my career in my father's company or overshadow him by working for a competitor (laughs).
After studying property at university, I went up to Paris to start my professional life... and I stayed there for 10 years: I needed to feel legitimate, to gain as much experience as possible and to refine my technical and legal knowledge. In the capital, I managed shopping centres and office buildings, business centres, public buildings and high-rise buildings so that we can learn as much as possible about the specific features of our businesses.

Are your personalities complementary or similar?

Michel : I'm old, he's young (laughs).
I see a lot of myself in my son. We share the same values, particularly honesty and a certain uprightness.
However, Lucas, because of his experience in Paris and his youth, has a different approach to our activities. For example, he embodies modernity through his taste for images and new technologies.

Lucas : My father has always been an inspiration. There are certain similarities between us, because I've observed him a lot, but there are also clear differences. I embody the new generation and new ideas: ecology, technology, leverage tools for our sales customers...
We are both property managers by trade: my father created a solid structure based on thirty years of expertise and local service, my aim is to develop what already exists without changing the company's DNA bringing modernity and dynamism.

What qualities do you think are needed in the property business?

Lucas : You need to be able to understand the people you are dealing with psychologically, to be adaptable and to have commercial qualities, but above all technical, legal and financial skills.

Michel : And rigour. Rigour and organisation are paramount in our business.

What is your scope of activity?

Michel : We manage and sell on behalf of our clients from Cannes to Menton, but our activity is concentrated in Nice, and more particularly in the port area where our agency is based, the Golden Square, Mont Boron, which attracts our foreign clientele, Cimiez and Libération.

What are your agency's strengths ?

Lucas : Our ability to adapt to customers and projects of all types and requirements, the recognition we have earned for the quality of our services, our mastery of the law, and the quality of our partners : Surrounding ourselves with quality service providers is one of the keys to our business.
We also benefit from our agency's strategic position.
Since my arrival, we've also been developing a more marketing focus, because it's important to promote our expertise through a strong, consistent image.

Michel :We are passionate about our work and have a thorough understanding of our legal environment.. Our team is made up of professionals who have been with us for many years and who receive ongoing training in the latest developments in our business.
We have earned recognition in our field thanks to this stability, our know-how and our transparency in the way we do business.

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