Selling a flat or a house, whether it's your main home or a rental investment, is a financially and emotionally involving act. It requires real legal, financial and commercial skills.
It requires real legal, financial and commercial skills.
We put our experience, our technological resources and our network of professionals at your service so that you can meet all the criteria for a successful sale with complete peace of mind.

« Put your trust in our experience and entrust your project to us! »

Our advisers estimate the value of your property at the right price, take care of its development and manage the sales process so that your projects can be carried out under the best possible conditions.

The FOCH IMMOBILIER group is a member of several networks: through us, you have access to the full range of property professionals who are members of the inter-agency approach. Present on more than 100 national and international portals and ad sites


As a property management company, we are able to provide our customers with the documents they need to complete the sale, and have access to a network of potential property owners.

This activity enables us to enhance the value of your property in terms of issues relating to co-ownership (charges, energy value, equipment, work carried out, etc.), which are decisive criteria in the choice of future buyers.

We offer these services if the property is part of a co-ownership that we manage as a syndic.

The Foch immobilier agent doesn't just look at the square metres or the location of the property, we also pay particular attention to the details, style and personal touch that the owner may have added to their home, in order to accurately assess the value of the property.
We remove any emotional or sentimental implications that an owner might have.
An accurate estimate enables you to set a fair and competitive price for future buyers and maximise your chances of completing a transaction with peace of mind and under the best possible conditions.

Our professional agents are trained to offer you a valuation of your property based on its characteristics and environment: the assurance of a fair and strategic price to optimise your chances of selling under the best possible conditions.

If you would like a valuation of your property, please fill in the form below and we will contact you without delay.

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