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We take care of all your property rental management needs, including finding tenants, inventory of fixtures, drafting and signing leases, receipts, rent collection, rent increases on expiry of the lease, regularisation of charges, statement of recoverable charges, management of claims and technical interventions, management of any legal proceedings, updating of mandatory diagnostics, possibility of taking out an unpaid rent guarantee, which guarantees payment of rent even in the event of unpaid rent, with no limit on the amount or duration, with cover for legal costs and any damage caused by the tenant, etc.

« Did you know that management fees are deductible from your property income? »

As a property administrator, we provide a service: we are a professional manager who knows how to secure rents by preventing unpaid rent, draw up a compliant lease, find responsible tenants, recommend improvements and decoration work when necessary, choose qualified craftsmen, ensure that tax returns are compliant...

For an owner, having a manager at your side means greater peace of mind and guarantees. Lettings, maintenance, technical and legal advice... the GROUPE FOCH IMMOBILIER takes full responsibility for the management of your property and is accountable for its actions and advice.

Contact our head of rental management :

Elodie SERVELLA 04 93 16 09 88

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