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Our Activity in Nice

Michel SZEPETOWSKI in charge of the Department of Management and Joint ownership in the Foch Groupe presents the activity Trustee in Condominiums:

Michel SZEPETOWSKI says:

"This is to manage condominium or housing developments sometimes composed of several buildings with pool and gardens, neighboring ensure the daily operation and keep them in good condition to preserve the heritage of the owners."

"This is very complex and technical Due where you have to combine legal and accounting activity knowledge, technical knowledge in all building trades, and a heavy dose of psychology to handle human relationships between co-owners as well as 'avec different providers. "To date, more than 1,700 owners trust us.

The Trustee relies on a team regularly trained and available, receiving phone calls and co-owners every day. Competence, friendliness and availability of the manager and all the team have a strong increase of this activité.Nous have approved several building professionals representing all bodies of State requirements (plumbing, electrical, painting) to 'offrir always the best quality / price ratio. Several national developers already trust in Foch GROUP for choosing their first Trustee after the completion of their buildings.

Our actions:

Research and implementation of tenants:
Advertising, tours, receiving applications, analysis, selection, selection
Establishment of contracts:
D'habitations or commercial leases, overviews, leave, implementation of GRL (guarantees the rental risk)

Notice d'échéance, Cashing, transfers, settlement charges, monthly and annual reports

Vis-à-vis the Trustee and Insurance if necessary disaster

Organization of maintenance work and maintenance specifications and after consent of the owner.